Marketing Team

Your Team.

Think of us like the marketing team down the hall with over a decade of experience in the bus business. We know the industry, we love the industry and we love working with companies who are ready to move their marketing forward. 
Prices very based on individual company needs but average-  $2500/Month

This package includes access to the following services

Marketing Plan & Components


Each component in the plan is designed to support one another. Done well, this plan will create a robust sales and marketing funnel that will drive qualified leads through the door, empower sales people to show your competitive differences from the very first call and to dramatically separate the services offered from other market competitors.


Marketing Consulting and Implementation


Over the past few years we have seen that one of the biggest things we provide to our customers is the ability to help keep the marketing objectives of the company moving forward. In busy times or slow times, during vacations or conferences, our team continues to work to move your objectives forward. We offer monthly marketing calls where we can coordinate the needs and upcoming opportunities as well as access to our founder Chris Riddell to discuss opportunities or market conditions that may need focus.

Web Development and Content Management


Every month as part of your program, we continue to add content, update images and bolster the product specific pages on your website. We may also from time to time add additional product specific “mini $2,000 Page 4 of 14 sites” to the structure of your website. This effort is in place for two reasons. First, Search Engine Optimization. Second, niche market development. The web is a powerful tool in the sale team’s arsenal and these mini-sites are developed to help them separate your company from the competition. These sites are designed so that when you are selling to someone who is interested in that niche, instead of giving them the main company site, you can give them the address that will take them directly to the site that will speak specifically to their needs. When paired with Motorcoach Marketing Councils products, this provides a hyper-targeted approach to closing sales, landing targeted business and providing niche separation. We will be your “website people”. Have a need to change a photo, add a page, include new staff, change a price, or add a new piece of equipment? We are just an email request away and our team will quickly make the change for you. No more trying to remember how to log in and what to do next, just shoot us an email and we will take care of it.

Website Monitoring


As part of this program we include you in our enterprise level website monitoring system. This includes a robust firewall and intrusion monitoring as well as realtime downtime monitoring and virus interdiction. This provides our team with the tools necessary to keep your site healthy and performing at peak levels.


The strategy for SEO continues to focus on going after the keywords where there is traffic and a proven return. Your City and Your State keywords have the majority of the traffic and as such have been our major focus. We have also been focused on Party Bus keywords as we have seen good return with these words as well. Driver & Staff

Outbound Marketing Support


We know that any healthy marketing effort requires outbound marketing efforts. From researching incoming groups that are doing shows in your area to helping you find the resources to find the contacts at local colleges, our team is here to help you get it done? We will work with you to figure out where you want to put the effort and resources and we then help you move those objectives forward. As part of the Administrative marketing support below.

Administrative Marketing Support


“Figure out where we can get a list of all of the local colleges.”, “help me figure out who I need to get in touch with at XYZ corporation”, “clean up this spreadsheet of names and put them into the email marketing system”… these are just a few of the things that we can do to provide administrative support in your marketing efforts. As part of this program, you will receive up to 5 hours per month of administrative support to help you move your objectives forward.

Remarketing Development


We would recommend that there also be a budget set aside for the Google Display remarketing tool. This tool allows you to market in a very powerful way. For example, you can set it so that if someone comes to visit your business-specific mini site, that for the next two weeks, your ad will show up in the Google display network. The Google display network is a tool that site owners use to monazite their sites. They identify a spot on their page where Google can deliver ads. The net result is that after they visit your site, for whatever period of time you choose, your ads show up all over the web in sites they use all of the time. It is a POWERFUL tool that really drives home the brand message. As part of this program, we will develop a full complement of remarketing banner ads that can be customized to specific pages or campaigns and used in the display network. We will help establish a budget and help manage the tools necessary for the management of this marketing technique.

Photo Program


As part of this program we will help establish a system designed to help get drivers and staff submit photos from the road. This will help with content on the site, social platforms and marketing material. We will create a method of submission and will help send thank you gifts or rewards if the company desires.

Email Management


We will manage your email marketing objectives including the development of new email templates, list building and management, and the delivery schedule. Email marketing is a powerful tool and should be used to market to existing customers, develop new customers, cross-sell, condition potential referral partners, survey customer experiences and more. Our team will help you get the most out of your efforts.

Design Support


As part of this program we expect to be used as a design resource. We want to be the “marketing people down the hall”. If you need an ad for a newspaper, or a post card, or even a billboard designed, we want to be your first call. This package includes up to 10 hours of design time monthly. While your design time does not “roll over” you will be amazed at what we can do in this short period of time!

Social Media Support


Social media is an important part of the objectives of this program. We want your social pages to be relevant, educational, and engaging. We will, as part of the program include management of your Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts. This will include brand management and creative, as well as ongoing content placement. Although a good deal of this content will be developed around your website and other things where we can create the content we will need the support of your company to help us with those things that are going on in your day to day business that are worth sharing. Things like big trips, participation in community charity events, special moves, upcoming local events, and the like will be an important part of our objectives which we will need a point person from your team to work with. Our social objectives will include the following components. Campaign of the month Content from other niche market segments Photos from the company Highlighted bog posts Media coverage of Your Company Holiday Greetings Fun content (quote of the day kind of things) Things going on (local events and happenings) Shares (sharing relevant from other local and industry players) Videos and Photos (appropriate videos and photos)

Monthly Newsletter

Our program will also include a monthly, email-based, newsletter support. This newsletter will be the foundation of the ongoing email marketing program and will be designed to support the sales objectives of the company. This may include a charter campaign of the month, upcoming per capita trips, updates on fleet, equipment or other company milestones and the delivery of direct sales messages.

Paid Advertising Management


We know that no campaign would be complete without leveraging other paid advertising avenues. From Google Adwords to Craigslist postings, we will help develop and execute your paid advertising strategies. As part of the design portion of this agreement, we will help develop and design graphics or textual ads and execute them through the platforms of your choice. Our team will help with the creation of a budget and spend proposals as well.

Paid Advertising Management


We know that no campaign would be complete without leveraging other paid advertising avenues. From Google Adwords to Craigslist postings, we will help develop and execute your paid advertising strategies. As part of the design portion of this agreement, we will help develop and design graphics or textual ads and execute them through the platforms of your choice. Our team will help with the creation of a budget and spend proposals as well.



Drivers, shop, sales staff, dispatchers, wash crew… when you need employees we will help you create a recruiting program that works. Through social media, website, local job posting, and more we will help you dig up applicants that are qualified. We will help implement a system that will generate leads as well as manage them through a proven process that will deliver results. This system includes managing the communication with all applicants, job webpage creation, online submission of interest management, applications and resumes collection and aggregation, any company mandated testing and results compilation, in person interview scheduling and communication, and letting those who are not selected know of the companies decision. We want to help you market your company to your potential employees and ensure you have the right people in the right positions.


All inclusive pricing.

Lets start creating something powerful.