About us

Chris Riddell.

Christian is the Founder and Creative vision behind the Deliverabilities program. His experience in the bus industry started as a driver, dispatcher, and director of sales which gives him the perspective of not only what needs to be done but the real world operational and financial constraints that modern operators are faced with.
His passion for the motorcoach industry has driven him to help hundreds of operators around North America as the Former Executive Director of the Motorcoach Marketing Council, a regular contributor to Bus & Motorcoach News, and now as the President of United Bus Technology. There is no one who understands more clearly the specific needs of this industry and who has the vision and drive to help operators sell more, to more people, for more money.

“To accomplish something you have never accomplished you must first do something you have never done!”

“Fail to plan and you plan to fail. Plan to succeed or don’t start!”

Margaret Riddell.

Margaret is the project manager for the Deliverabilities team. Her attention to detail is the seasoning that makes this dish so great! Margaret’s overwhelming commitment to our customers makes her a very valuable resource for you. She acts as the quarterback each day to ensure that your objectives are met on time and on budget. Margaret manages our robust support system. She is responsible for assigning all requests to the correct resource and ensuring that they are accomplished and reported on.